Tour The Walking Dead via Google Maps

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Tour The Walking Dead via Google Maps

Post by cosmo on 2009-08-30, 21:13

"" Have you ever thought about retracing the steps various members of The Walking Dead have taken over the course of the comic's narrative? In what has to be one of the coolest things we here at Dread Central have seen relating to Robert Kirkman's zombie opus, you now have that chance thanks to "The Walking Dead Map" on Google.

MTV pointed us in the direction of Jason McDonald's awesome creation, an annotated map that contains images and event descriptions from The Walking Dead Issues 1-64. There's even a key that includes items such as:

Green = Event
Helicopter = Chopper Crash Site
Horse = Horse
House = Home, Apartment or Church
Knife & Fork = Cannibalism
Purple = Sex Scene
Red = A Violent Event or Death

Talk about comprehensive!

Just beware that spoilers lurk around every corner so if you're not caught up, you'll want to be careful as you explore locations ranging from Harrison Memorial Hospital, where Rick first awakened from his gunshot wound, to Hershel's Farm, West Central Prison, and that bastard The Governor's Apartment.

Click the image below for a larger version, and hit off the above link to see the whole map, which spans Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. ""
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